Year 7 and 8

The Minister of Education informed us of the change of status in our school from a Secondary school (Y 9-13) to a composite school year (7-13) in September 2024. The board of trustees have asked for the change as families have requested if it would be possible to enrol younger family members. Our values reflect whanau and support families. Palmerston North has a wide range of options for local families however, a secular composite school was not available until now.

We are planning to start one combined years 7 & 8 class in 2024. We have started our planning for staffing, curriculum, and facilities. Below is a brief outline of planning so far:

  1. The class will be in a homeroom situation for 12 hours per week and will be on a timetable for other specialist classes for the other 12 hours. This will provide a hybrid
    situation which will lead nicely into the year 9 full timetable.
  2. The homeroom teacher will have primary school and intermediate teaching experience.
  3. For 2024 we have an English specialist that will teach literacy (4 hours) and thematic studies (4 hours). Literacy will be scaffolded over a four-year course to prepare learners for the literacy requirements of NCEA. Thematic studies will have a social science (people and place theme) or a science-based study. When science is studied there will be access to the specialised labs and skills will be taught. Mathematics will be taught for 4 hours per week by a specialist teacher. Once again, we will be scaffolding the course for four years (Y7-Y10) to enable every chance of pupils gaining NCEA numeracy pre- requisites.
  4. The time outside of the homeroom will be working in specialist areas of the curriculum, with specialist staff. For example – 3 hours of Physical Education/ Health in the gymnasium. Three hours of Te Reo, Maori arts, Digital technology with a specialist teacher.
  5. The year Intermediate children will be rotated through two different subjects every term to help them learn and discover new skills. These subjects include Food, Art, Woodwork and Metal work, Service academy. Maori performing arts and digital technology.
  6. There will be separate bathroom facilities for year 7 & 8 for both boys and girls. We are currently designing a playground with climbing apparatus for the Year 7 & 8 area. This will be placed in the front of the teaching block and only be open for Year 7 & 8 pupils.
  7. All facilities at the college are open to year 7 & 8- including the canteen, gyms, and swimming pool. If issues arise in break times year 7 & 8 pupils will be asked to return to their designated play area. Older pupils will not be able to enter this area- there will be teachers on duty monitoring behaviour.
  8. Year 7 & 8 will have a camp in the first 6 weeks of term, and we will advise you of the planning for this as soon as possible. All sport sand cultural events are open to year 7 & 8.
  9. The school uniform is the same as existing for year 9-13, school year will be the same length as the year 9 & 10 groups.

    This document will be developed as we progress plans.