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Pastoral Care

Our school has an inclusive whanau atmosphere which provides a safe and caring environment where all students feel comfortable being themselves and are a valued member of our school community.

All our staff are involved in pastoral care and we have a system in place, which ensures that all students’ needs are catered for.

Student Support


Deans provide leadership, guidance for all students and support the Poutama Teachers with pastoral needs.

Poutama Teacher

The purpose of Poutama classes is to enhance the sense of belonging with the Poutama teacher working with students and their families. Students are placed in year level groups which meet for 20 minutes, four times a week. As the student progresses through the year levels, their Poutama teacher moves with them.

School Assembly is held every Wednesday @ 12.50pm.

Guidance Counsellor

The school Guidance Counsellor provides assistance and support for issues either at school or at home. Any student can access the guidance counsellor by leaving a note in the mailbox at the Student Centre or directly making an appointment with her. Our school Guidance Counsellor sees individual students who require additional support which falls outside the scope of the Poutama teacher and Dean roles. Students and parents may self-refer directly, or staff members may refer also students.

Any conversation which takes place with the Counsellor is confidential, unless all parties have agreed that it may be discussed. Exceptions to this are cases where confidentiality may allow a harmful situation to either arise or continue.

Student Welfare

Health Nurse

Students wanting to see the health nurse are to complete appointment forms which can be collected from outside the Student Centre. They are to place the forms into the mailbox at the Student Centre. For appointments made during class time, the nurse will notify the students of their appointment time.

Dental Care

Free Dental Care is available for all students up to the age of 18, or under 19 and in qualifying full-time education. The dental bus is onsite once a year for all students dental requirements.

First Aid

The school has several certified First Aiders on site.
First aid treatment will be given at school as appropriate.
If a student requires further attention, parents will be notified.
Sick Bay

If your child is sick during school hours they will be sent to the school office and a parent/caregiver will be contacted.

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