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International Students


  • Ready for Life: Individual attention and support for every student to prepare them for life after school.
  • Small classes with low student numbers per class.
  • Which means more attention to the individual student.
  • Emphasis on student development inside and outside of the classroom
  • Full NZ experience: easy access to the great NZ outdoors, including farms, beaches, and the mountains.


Queen Elizabeth College follows the NCEA curriculum in the senior levels. All students are expected to work towards gaining credits all three levels.

Years 9 and 10- students study a broad range of core subjects supplemented by options encompassing a wide range of subject areas.

Years 11-13 Year 11 All year 11 and 12 students study 6 courses per year.

Year 11 English Mathematics and Science are compulsory, with three other elective subjects of the student’s choice.

Year 12 English is compulsory with five other elective subjects of the student’s choice.

Year 13 Students study five subjects with one study period.

English Language Support

International students will be offered general and subject specific language support via the College’s ESOL programme. Specific assistance will be provided to assist students prepare for internal school and external examinations in the senior years. Where required extra support will be available to help students prepare for tertiary studies after graduating from high school.


We recognise that being settled into a good homestay family is of critical importance for all international students living away from home. Queen Elizabeth College works very hard to carefully select host families and caregivers who will have the best interests of their student at heart and who will support and welcome them into their family and wider community.

Homestay options may include town or rural homestays on farms or lifestyle blocks. However wherever a student is placed will be within walking reach of the College – or on a school bus route.

All homestays are carefully selected and interviewed by the College’s homestay coordinator and police vetted according to the Code of Practice 2016 requirements for the pastoral care of International Students.

If you are interested in hosting a Queen Elizabeth College international student, please email the College at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

School term and holidays

The school calendar is available on the website.

The academic year runs from early February to early December with 4 terms, each of about 10 weeks.
There is a 2-week holiday at the end of each Terms 1, 2 and 3. The summer holiday is from early December to late January.
Students are accepted at the beginning of terms 1, 2 or 3.

Expectations of study

An ability to study in English, at the level applied for is expected. The College offers ESOL as a subject option in conjunction with other academic subjects.


all in New Zealand dollars $NZ

Tuition Fees
1 Term : $4050
2 Terms: $8100
3 Terms: $12150
Full year: $16200

Accommodation Homestay Fees
$310 per week
$1700 for the full year
$425 per term

Administration Fees
Homestay Placement Fee $300
Airport transfer $100
Homestay Change Fee $350
Pastoral Care Fee $350

Designated Caregiver Support Fee $180.
(NB this applies to those students whose parents place their child in a non- school provided homestay).

Incidentals – (refundable) $1000
This includes school camps, curricular excursions, EOTC, school ball, etc.

Extra- curricular activities such as sports, music lessons etc are not automatically included in the above.

Group Study Refunds

Supervised Group

International Student Investigation Policy

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