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Leadership opportunities available at Queen Elizabeth College

The opportunity to learn leadership skills and put them into practice is an important aspect of the development of pupils. There is are many opportunities students can step up into leadership roles and some of them will be detailed in this document. There is a firm belief at the College that good leaders are those who serve others. Giving time and help to others is leadership.

Leadership is Service

Students who wish to assume a leadership role at QEC must understand that in doing so, they are committing themselves to working for and with other people. The leadership role is a recognition of the willingness to serve others and to lead.

The requirements for leadership vary between roles. Although many QEC seniors possess the qualities, not all will match the criteria necessary for each role. When considering leadership in the senior school, it is important to match the right strengths with the role they suit the best.

Selection for leadership also varies. Students are given the opportunity to nominate themselves for leadership roles such as Prefects. Students and staff are polled on those seeking Prefect roles and the students must deliver a speech to the school assembly as part of that process. A lot of opportunities to lead emerge through sports teams, cultural groups, camps and days run at school.

Inevitably, at school as in society some students are not chosen for positions to which they aspire. The challenge to them is to recognise the wide range of opportunities available in the school and to explore all avenues. There are many social causes and opportunities to volunteer that students can take a lead on.

Prefect role specifications:

Queen Elizabeth College Prefects hold a very important position in the school and in our wider school community. They are primarily responsible for upholding and enhancing the high standards and culture of Queen Elizabeth College. We are an inclusive school and celebrate diversity, it is important that our prefects exhibit these values.

All Prefects are expected to:

  • Be positive, set high standards, exercise good judgement and adhere to school rules
  • Demonstrate high standards of uniform and attendance, punctuality, and an academic focus
  • Be a good ambassador for the school
  • Be cooperative, helpful, trustworthy and responsible
  • Be respectful toward teachers, peers and the school environment
  • Assist with school assemblies and events e.g. Open Evening
  • Motivate and encourage students to take part in school & house events
  • Show initiative and be able to work as part of a team or as an individual

Student Council

It is important to the school management that there is a formal pathway for students to voice their opinions and concerns. To supplement the Prefect Team (Y13) which meets with the school management on a regular basis, we have a student council with representatives of students from each year group.

On a monthly basis the student council meets to discuss issues that may arise out of their year group meeting. The concept of the council is to teach the students and year groups about the democratic process of electing representatives. Then as a representative making sure you give the viewpoint of your year group.

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