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Fees and Donations

Course fees/ donations

No School Donation fee.

Some courses are expensive to run like Woodwork, Cooking and Art. Courses such as these will have a flat fee of $50 per year which contributes to the cost of the course. Music tuition for private lessons also has a fee of $50, the lessons are held at school through the music department.

School Camps

Year 9 & 10 camps are highly recommended but are not compulsory. The year 9 camp is held at the start of the year in term one. The year 10 camp is in term four. Camps give the students physical and mental challenges in a new environment, it is an opportunity for significant growth and builds on the opportunity for exploration of local bush and rivers. The cost of camp is approximately $200.

Sports and cultural activities

The cost of fees associated with entry to competitions and the cost of equipment provided for the sport is charged to parents. We do our best to keep the fees as low as possible. If your child wants to participate, parents/caregivers will be expected to pay the fees.

Class trips

There are on occasion class trips for the enhancement of the curriculum. Teachers will send a letter home if this is the case. 

Support with the costs of schooling your child

We offer several support mechanisms for you to meet the costs associated with your time at school with us.

We offer a “car wash” for sports fees. This runs every Saturday morning at Courtesy Ford and the money raised is credited to your child’s account at school to help pay for sports or activities being undertaken.

You could apply to the Queen Elizabeth Educational Trust Foundation for support for camps or other significant opportunities for your child.

The Principal has a support fund for students that need financial support to make the most of opportunities at school.

If you wish to discuss any of these options please do not hesitate to come and see us at the school office.

We offer a $150 credit to each of our new student's school accounts to be used for school activities such as sports, uniforms or going on a school camp.

Each returning student will also receive the $150 credit to their account in Term 1 if they maintain a minimum of 80% attendance in term 4 of the previous year.

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