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Homework Expectations

Homework helps students support their learning and achievement. Homework activities include the following:

Completing work started in class
Revision and practice exercises eg IXL for Maths & English
Revising for tests and exams
Read over work covered in class that day
Reading to increase vocabulary and understanding eg news articles, novels
Conducting interviews or asking questions.

Year 9 & 10students

Homework will be posted on Teams for these subjects:

English & Mathematics

Students can practise their English & Maths skills online.


Once a week an article that extends general knowledge. It should take 10 minutes to complete.

Social Studies

An article once a week. It should take 30 minutes to complete.
Other subject areas will post homework tasks from time to time such as Te Reo, PED.

Year 11 students Students

Should spend at least 60 minutes per night on homework. We would encourage parents to look at the course schedules and to work with students to meet the deadlines set by staff. Failure to submit on time can lead to a Not Achieved grade. If you are unsure of details or procedures for NCEA do not hesitate to email the teacher or senior staff to seek clarification.

For more information on NCEA go to

Year 12 & 13 students

Students should spend at least two hours per night on homework. These students are expected to be self-managing. For more information on NCEA go to

Parents, please talk to your children about what they have covered in class and ask questions. Also, be aware that failure to meet school expectations in the classroom may lead to the withdrawal of extra privileges such as work experience or sports and cultural activities.

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